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Employee Profiles

The Employee Profile is the area of SuperSalon where all of the important data for each staff member is entered and edited. This topic will serve as a general overview for each section of the Employee Profile. For instructions on how to enter a new staff member, please see the topicĀ Add a New Employee.

General Information – Employee Profiles

This section displays the most basic informational metrics for each employee, and are broken down as:

  • First and Last Name Text Fields: These two fields display the employee’s legal name, with the correct spelling.
  • Nick Name: If this employee prefers to go by a nickname, it can be entered here. Note that this will be displayed on both sales tickets and receipts.
  • Employee #: If the location recognizes employee numbers, this text field is where it should be entered.
  • Performs Services?: Clicking or tapping on this box to create a green checkmark will indicate that this is a production employee, and they will appear as selectable choices when creating tickets.
  • Show on SCI?: Locations that utilize the SalonCheckin application, can have this employee appear on application with a green checkmark.
  • Store Location: The name of the location where this employee performs their tasks goes into this text field.
  • License #: Locations that require licensing for staff members can enter the employee’s license number here.
  • Expiration Date: The date for when the staff member’s license is set to expire is entered into these text fields in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Date Hired: The specific date when this staff member was brought aboard is entered into these text fields in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Termination Date: If the employee is ever terminated, the date for when that took place is entered into these text fields.
  • Deductions: Any tax related, or other deductions are entered into this text field.
  • Password: The staff member’s password for navigating the system via the Permissions settings is entered into this field.
  • Position: This button, when pressed with a click or tap, will display all of the possible Positions for this employee for selection.
  • Permission Group: The specific Permission Group for this employee is established here by clicking or tapping on the button, and selecting from the displayed choices.
  • Status: Changing the staff member’s status from “Active” to Inactive” is done from this button menu.
  • Scheduling Group: Clicking or tapping on this button will display the choices of scheduling groups for this employee.
  • Marital Status: Whether or not the employee is married is established from this button menu.
  • Price Group: The specific Price Group is selected for the staff member by clicking or tapping on this button menu.
  • Department: Locations that utilize departmental organization can select the specific Department for this employee by utilizing this button menu.
  • Optimum Book Interval: This establishes the best timing in the Appointment Book for this employee, and will display selectable choices of 15 minute increments.

Personal Information – Employee Profiles

More specific information for a staff member is collected and edited in this section of the Employee Profile, and is broken down as follows:

  • Address: The physical street address, including PO boxes, for this staff member.
  • City: The current city where the staff member resides.
  • State: The state or province where the staff member currently lives.
  • Zip: The employee’s ZIP Code, as established by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Home Phone: The primary phone contact number for this staff member, preferably a landline.
  • Cell Phone: The current mobile number for the staff member is entered into this text field.
  • Email: The staff members email address is captured in this text field.
  • Date of Birth: This text field is where the staff members have their date of birth stored, and is useful for tracking birthdays.
  • Gender: This drop-down menu establishes whether the staff member prefers to be recognized as male or female.
  • Social Security Number: This text field is where the employees SSN is entered and stored.
  • Finger Print: For locations that utilize a biometric reader for system access, the staff members have their fingerprints stored into the system using this tool.

Payroll Information – Employee Profiles

Information relevant to the compensation for employees is entered into the system via the section. Each part of this section is broken down as follows:

  • Payroll ID: A unique ID, usually specific to the location, is entered into this text field for payroll purposes.
  • Work Status: This drop-down determines whether or not the staff member is employed on a full or part-time basis.
  • Pay Period: The desired pay period for this employee is established by utilizing this drop-down menu.
  • Payroll Method: These two buttons determine whether or not this staff member is paid on an hourly or salary basis. Highlighting the desired one puts it into effect.
  • Salary: Staff members who are employed and compensated via salary have that dollar amount entered into this text field.
  • Hourly Bonus: By highlighting each of these days of the week that apply, this staff member will receive an hourly bonus to their pay accordingly.

Commission Plans – Employee Profiles

This section is where specific Commission Plans are applied to this staff member. The interface is divided into two sections that correspond with those that are “Available”, and those that are “Applied”. Switching between the two statuses is accomplished by simply clicking on the appropriate commission plan.

Emergency Contact – Employee Profiles

In this area of the Employee Profile, important contact information for a single individual is entered into the system in the event of an unforeseeable emergency relating to this employee.

Notes – Employee Profiles

A large text area for entering specific notes about this staff member is included in this section of the Employee Profile.

Allowed Service Categories – Employee Profiles

Depending on the staff members skillset, some locations prefer to partition what Service Categories can be performed by a specific staff member. Much like the Commission Plans section, this is divided into two sections labeled “Available”, and “Applied”, and switching them between the sections is accomplished by simply clicking on them.

Getting more into specifics than just the Service Categories, this section of the Employee Profile will partition which individual Services can be performed by this staff member by clicking or tapping on them between the two statuses of “Available” and “Applied”.

Service Times – Employee Profiles

This section of the Employee Profile is where specific times are entered, in minutes, into the text fields next to the allowed Services. These times represent the average amount of time it takes for this staff member to perform that given Service. This metric is then used by the appointment book automatically when booking a service with any employees that have a custom service time configured.

Employee specific service times allow further customization on approximately how long a service may take to complete for a stylist, to more accurately reflect their abilities and track their productivity. Depending on experience level and services being provided, fine tuning employee specific service times might be more appropriate than using standard service times for some salons and spas.


30 minute standard service time for salon.

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