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Email Receipts

The Email Receipts enhancement module for SuperSalon is a recent addition as of 2019, and is quickly gaining in popularity. With it, all customer receipts arrive in email form as a digital document, as opposed to a hard copy. This results in less wasted paper, money saved on paper replenishments, and a valuable convenience for customers.

Video Overview: Email Receipts

Email Receipts: At a Glance

Summary of Benefits:

  • Eliminates paper clutter for both salon clients and the environment.
  • Saves hundreds of dollars, yearly, in paper replenishment costs.
  • Demonstrates a business’s commitment to the global effort to help the environment.
  • Digital receipts last longer than paper ones, thereby assisting with accounting efforts.


  • Broadband Internet connection (High-speed)
  • SuperSalon POS 5.6.9+
  • Valid Customer Email Addresses

Changes to UI and Work Flow:

  • A new button will appear in the checkout process to send the receipt to email instead of the printer.
  • Customers will need to opt into the feature, and have a valid email address on their Customer Profile.
  • Settings are available for new clients to automatically opt into the feature on their first visit.
  • This enhancement module also has an accompanying report to track its success. The Email Receipts Log can be found in the Audit section of reports.

Cost and Setup:

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