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Customer Retention Report

Location: Reports > Customers > Customer Retention

Amazingly useful snapshot of returning customers and their visit frequency, as well as non-returning clients. Great for making improvements to customer retention.

Data Filters

  • Select a Store: Select the store that will be be used for the report.
  • Month and Year Drop-downs: Select which month and year will be used for the report.
  • Switch to Date Range: Checking this box will allow you to choose a range of dates instead of the above drop down options.
  • Show Details: Checking this box the report will show more a more detailed breakdown of the visits.
  • Show House Sale: Checking this box will include tickets rang out under “House Sale” and not assigned to a specific employee
  • Gender and Age Drop-downs: These allow you to filter to certain demographics.
  • Customer: This allows you to filter the customers listed in the report as either “New”, “Returning”, or “Both”.
  • Service Category: This allows you to filter the report by specific service category.
  • Stylists: This allows you to be filter by specific stylist, or “House Sale”.
  • Discount used on original visit: Allows you to filter the report’s results based on whether the first visit by client had a discount on their ticket.
  • Generate Report: Click here to generate the report.

Metrics Tracked

Totals Header

  • Total Unique Customers: How many customers in total visited.
  • Returning Customers since Visit: How many of the customers were returning customers.
  • Non-Returning Customers since visit: How many of the customers have not returned in the selcted range of the report.
  • Customer Return Percentage: The percentage of all clients who are repeat visitors in the selected range of the report.
  • Average Return Visits of Returning Customers: Shows the average amount of repeat visits in the selected range of the report.

Employee Specific

  • Customers in selected time: The total number of customers serviced by this staff member.
  • Return Customer Percentage: The percentage of customers that were return customers for this staff member.
  • Return Customers to Stylist since Visit: The number of repeat customers for this staff member.
  • Percentage of Return Visits Back to Stylist: The percentage of repeat customers seen by the staff member.
  • Return Customers to any Stylist Since Visit: The number of all repeat clients for all staff.
  • Non-Returning Customers Since Visit: The number of new customers seen for the staff member.
  • Total Return Visits: The total number of return visits for the staff member.

Report Calculations

Totals Header

  • Customer Return Percentage: Returning Customers Since Visit + Non-Returning Customers since visit then divide that by Unique Customers in selected time and finally multiply that result by 100.
  • Average Return Visits of Returning Customers:

Employee Specific

  • Return Customer Percentage: Returning customers to any stylist since visit divided by Customers in selected time then multiply that result by 100
  • Percentage of returns visits back to stylist: Return customers to stylist since visit divided by Customers in selected time then multiply that result by 100
  • Average Return Visits:
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