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Customer Profiles

After a customer has been added to SuperSalon, their profile will be available via the Manager > Customers submenu. Searching for, and selecting a specific customer from this submenu will populate their profile, and give users the ability to add or edit information.

The customer profile itself is capable of storing a very large amount of data across nine sections of the interface.


When entering personal information, you can collect as little or as much as you like. For data integrity and ease of searching, it is recommended that you use a first name/last name combination.

If last names are not required, then it is a good idea to enter a phone number. In either case, phone numbers are excellent customer identifiers and when used as a search tool, provide excellent results.


This section of the profile allows users to enter notes that will show at various times throughout the operation of the POS. Enter your note in the “Alert Note” field, and then select the red X to include the note during specific events of SuperSalon.

Examples of alerts could be allergy warnings when going into service, bad check warnings when entering the payment screen, or notes on stylist preference.


This area of the customer profile is used to keep records on specific areas of service for the client. Notes can be added to the “hair” section to keep a record of texture, percentage of gray, current treatments, etc.

SuperSalon allows detailed notes in the following areas:

  • Haircut
  • Perm
  • Color
  • Body
  • Nails
  • Skin


A detailed record of all of a customers purchases for both services and products can be viewed in this area of the profile.

Additional buttons are included within this section to display the customer’s historical gift certificate purchases, redemptions, as well as the customer’s series sales and redemption information.


Any currently scheduled appointments booked for the client will appear in this section of their profile. The “Print Itineraries” button can print a hard copy record of these appointments, if needed.


Locations that offer customer points to clients for products and services can view and make changes to those points in this section of the customer profile.


This section of the customer profile allows users to enter information on the customer’s children. The child’s name, birthday, and detailed notes can be entered and saved in this section.


Billing information for the client can be stored in this section, and the text fields can store up to two physical addresses.

Customer Preferences

In this area of the profile, users are able to opt clients in or out for extended programs such as SalonCheckin or SMS.

Visit reminders, appointment confirmations, mailings, and preferred stylist can all be entered here.

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