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Customer Points

SuperSalon’s flexibility allows for an almost infinite amount of business models, so features such as the Customer Point system are just another example of how this flexibility stays dynamic.  This system allows users to assign unique point values to each service or product they deem fit. Further adjustments can even be made in the event of new seasonal promotions, or other variables as well.

The points system can best be described as a method of promotion and / or discount that rewards customer loyalty by tallying a specific amount of points per each instance a service is performed, or a specific product is purchased.  When these accumulated points reach a certain amount, either a free or discounted product / service given to the customer.

Enabling SuperSalon’s Point System

To enable this feature, the user must navigate to the Setup Tab > Software Settings > Marketing > Loyalty & Gift interface, and the section for points will be the second one listed.  The user has the ability to enable a points, or allow Manual changes to them, or add them when they are redeemed. The image on the right shows an illustrated example of these settings.

Enabling or disabling these settings is possible by clicking on the button to the far right, and selecting either the red ‘x’ to disable, or the green check mark for enabling. The user must then save the settings, and refreshing the browser via F5 is always a good idea after any settings change.

Setting Up the Special Points Discount

In order for points to be properly redeemed in the point-of-sale, a special discount must be created that directly corresponds with point redemption.

On the right, we can see an illustrated example of a special discount that has been created that will allow the user to issue a free haircut to the customer in exchange for the accumulated points.

Because points can be assigned to both services and retail products, special care must be made when implementing the redemption discount as to make sure any and all applicable taxes are attended to as well.

Also, notice the last bottom part of the discount form.  Ensuring that stays checked will prevent the ticket from accumulating points that otherwise should’ve gone to a paid service.

Configuration of Customer Points for Services

The image on the right shows where in the individual Service’s profile customer points are configured.This interface is located in Manager > Services. How many credits per instance of Service performed, the number of points needed for redemption, and the corresponding discount are all configurable here.

# Points to credit: The number of points to credit to a customer that receives this service.

# Points to redeem: The number of points it takes for a customer to redeem this service as free, using accumulated points.

Configuration of Customer Points for Products

Here we see the corresponding interface for the Product profile page. And like in the preceding section, we see the points section boxed in red. And like the Services interface, we have the ability to choose from multiple associated discounts as seasonal and policy changes take place in the salon.

# Points to credit: The number of points to credit to a customer that receives this product.

# Points to redeem: The number of points it takes for a customer to redeem this product as free, using accumulated points.

Redeeming Customer Points at Checkout

When a customer has accumulated the required amounts of points, and wishes to redeem them for their free or discounted service; the following changes are made in the normal ticket workflow process:

Step One: Upon moving the ticket to the Checkout screen, click or tap on the “Edit” button.

Step Two: In the “Edit Transaction” pop up, click or tap on the “Redeem Points” button.

Step Three: The ticket summary will now reflect the points have been redeemed, and the price has been adjusted to zero accordingly.

Step Four: Click or tap on the “Send to Payment” button to send the ticket to final settlement.

Manually Editing Customer Points

Whether through user error, or simply customer satisfaction; it is possible to manually edit the amount of points any given customer has. The interface is located in the Manager Tab > Customers sub menu. Retrieving a customer via the search functionality, the “Points” sub menu is located in the button array at the bottom.

Entering either a positive or negative value in this interface, and clicking “Save” in the lower right hand corner will add or subtract points to the given customer.

Tracking Customer Points

Located in the Reports Tab, under the “Customers” category, the “Customer Points” report tracks all points activity for any given date range.

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