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Copying a Schedule

After an employee schedule has been satisfactorily created, it is possible to make it a recurring one by copying it over to subsequent weeks, or even months. This saves time for future staffing chores, and can be edited as needed.

Copying an Existing Schedule

Step One: From the Scheduler tab of SuperSalon, click or tap on the “Options” button located in the bottom array.

Step Two: Click or tap on the “Copy All” button that populates.

Step Three: In the “Copy Schedules” pop-up, click or tap on the “Schedule” button so that a green arrow is displayed.

Did You Know…

Blocks and Optimal Booking Sets can be copied as well.

Step Four: Under the “Copy for:” header, specify the number of weeks or months the current schedule will be copied for by using the given buttons and their pop-up choices.

Step Five: Specify that the numeric value reflects “Week(s)” or “Month(s)” by clicking or tapping on the second button.

Step Six: Click or tap on the button located beneath the “Copy to week beginning on:” to specify the date you would like for the scheduled to officially begin.

Step Seven: Click or tap on the “Copy” button in the lower right.

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