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Converting Appointments into Tickets

For locations that prefer to use the Appointment Book as their primary sales screen, the ability to move tickets through the sales process from the same interface is an important convenience.

Using Appointments as Tickets

Step One: When an appointment arrives at the location, click or tap on their entry in the Appointment Book.

Step Two: Click or tap on the “Waiting” button to change the Appointment to the Waiting status.

Step Three: The Appointment Book will then show the ticket as Waiting, as will the Wait/Serve screen if the user were to switch interfaces, as shown below.

Step Four: When the client is ready to be serviced, click or tap on the entry in the Appointment Book.

Step Five: Click or tap on the “Servicing” button to move the ticket to that status, it will also appear as orange in the Appointment Book as a reference.

Step Six: After the customer has been serviced, and is ready for final settlement, click or tap on their entry in the Appointment Book.

Step Seven: Click or tap on the “Checkout” button to begin the final payment process by switching the interface from the Appointment Book to the Checkout screen.

Step Eight: Using the Checkout and subsequent Payment screens, finalize the payment as normal.

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