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Card Terminal Overview

Transactions and inquiries that are to be made separate from the normal SuperSalon ticket process can be processed here in this area of the POS. Upon entering the submenu, users are presented with a choice of either credit or gift cards to be used for the current operation. Selecting the appropriate tile will then populate the terminal itself.

Whether credit or gift, the card terminal interface is essentially the same. Four text fields for entering information are set between two rows of operational buttons.

Card Terminal Status Buttons

  • Activate: Operations that are meant to activate gift cards can be initiated by selecting this button.
  • Redeem: Exchanging a gift card for either currency or another card can be performed with the use of this button.
  • Refund: Adding funds to a client’s card due to a mistake or other situation is done with the use of this button.
  • Note: Refunds for products and services are best performed via the regular ticket process in order to reduce reporting confusion.
  • Balance: Inquiries into the amount of funds remaining on a gift card are done with this button.
  • Tip: If a tip was missed during the regular sales ticket process, one can be given by selecting this button before performing the operation.
  • Void: this status button, when selected, will avoid a given transaction. A fifth text field will appear beneath the PIN number field to enter the ticket number.
  • Reversal: A reversal of a transaction can be performed when this status button is selected prior to the operation.
  • Network Test: Some integrated processors allow for a test of their communication network by swiping a test card. This button will allow for that operation.

Text Fields

Card Number: The credit or gift card number can either be swiped or manually entered into this text field.

Name: The client’s name, as it appears on their card, can be entered into this text field manually, or may auto generate when swiped.

Amount: The dollar value of the transaction to be processed is entered into this text field.

PIN: The clients PIN number for the card used in the operation is to be entered here.

Stan#: This text field only appears when a void operation is being processed. The ticket number is to be entered here.

Operational Buttons

  • Process Transaction: This button will activate the chosen operation that has been selected. After its use, a message of success or failure will then appear in the interface.
  • Reset Data: Using this button will clear all of the text fields of any characters that have been entered, making it blank once more.
  • Instructions: This button will generate a pop up with step-by-step instructions on how to perform card terminal operations.

General Instructions For Use


Access to the Card Terminal should be restricted to authorized staff only!

Step One: Upon entering the Card Terminal submenu, determine whether or not the operation will be for a credit or gift card by selecting the appropriate button.

Step Two: Select the type of transaction that is going to be performed by selecting the appropriate status button.

Step Three: If a magnetic reader for the card is attached to the POS, it is then swiped. If not, the card information can be entered into the fields manually.

Step Four: Double check that all information that has been entered into the text fields is correct, and click or tap on the “Process Transaction” button to complete the operation.

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