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Audit Time Clock Report

Location: Reports > Audit >Time Clock

In-depth snapshot of attendance information, conjunction of the Employee’s schedule in SuperSalon versus the time they actually clocked in. All details are presented in an easy to read format, making it a valuable resource for investigating attendance performance.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Select the store(s) that will be be used for the report.
  • Select Date: Select the date or range of dates to run the report for.
  • Generate Report: Click here to generate the report.
  • Today’s Report: Click here to generate the report for the current day.
  • Yesterday’s Report: Click here to generate the report for the previous day.

Metrics Tracked

Summary Section

  • Employee: Name of the employee.
  • Late: The number of days the employee was late.
  • Absent: The number of days the employee was absent.

Detail Section

  • Date: The date of the attendance infraction.
  • Employee: The name of the employee.
  • Late/Absent: Shows if the employee was late or absent.
  • Scheduled Time: The time the employee was scheduled to clock in.
  • Clock Time: The time when the employee actually clocked in.
  • Late (m): The number of minutes the employee was late for their scheduled shift.
  • Excused: Shows a “Yes” or “No” designation for whether the infraction was excused or not.
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