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Adding a New Employee

Entering a new hire into SuperSalon is as easy as creating a new profile, just as with Discounts, Products, and Services. Users also have the option of filling as much, or as little, of the profile that they would like.

Adding a New Employee to SuperSalon

Step One: From anywhere in the SuperSalon POS, click or tap into the Manager menu.

Step Two: Click or tap into the “Employees” submenu, alphabetically listed on the left.

Step Three: Click or tap on the “Add New Employee” button located in the far left of the upper button array.

Step Four: Enter the employee’s name, and unique employee number.

Step Five: For Production employees, enable the “Performs Services” option by checking the box. Note: If left unchecked, the employee will not appear as a selectable choice during the ticket creation process.

Step Six: Select and specify the rest of the general options, as they apply to the location. For a more detailed breakdown of each one, please refer to the Employee Profiles topic.


It is vitally important to set the correct Permission Group in this step.

Step Seven: Move to “Payroll” section of the Employee Profile, where the staff member’s compensation is configured.

Step Eight: Specify a Payroll ID (if applicable).

Step Nine: Specify Work Status as either Full or Part Time.

Step Ten: Select the Pay Period that will apply to this employee.

Step Eleven: Select the Payroll Method by choosing between Hourly or Salary. “Hourly” allows users to specify Production and Non-Production pay. “Salary” is a fixed regular payment for the duration of the Pay Period the employee has been set two.

Step Twelve: Select any days the employee may receive an hourly bonus time. This is generally used for working on Sundays, etc.

Step Thirteen: Move on to the “Commission Plans” section of the profile by clicking or tapping its associated button.

Step Fourteen: Move any Commission Plans that will apply for this new employee by clicking on and tapping on the “Available” commission plans to move them over to the “Applied” column.

Step Fifteen: Move to the “Emergency Contact” section of the employee profile by clicking or tapping on its associated button, and enter the contact information needed for this section.

Step Sixteen: Click or tap on the “Notes” button to move to that next section of the employee profile. In the given text field, enter any unique notes that will apply for this new hire.

Step Seventeen: Configure the “Allowed Service Categories” by clicking or tapping on its button in the employee profile, and transfer “Available” categories to the “Applied” column as needed by clicking or tapping on their tiles.

Step Eighteen: Move on to the “Allowed Services” section by clicking or tapping on its associated button, and move the Services the employee will be permitted to perform within the Categories configured in the previous step.

Step Nineteen: Move to the next section of the employee profile labeled “Service Times” by clicking or tapping on its button. In the given text fields, enter the amount of time in minutes the staff member will be expected to perform certain Services.

Step Twenty: Review and confirm all information, and click or tap on the “Save” button to save the employee’s new profile into SuperSalon.

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